VoIP Phone Systems

In today’s connected world, communications services are vital to any business that wishes to move forward. At Dolphin ICT we provide high-quality customisable VOIP telephone systems to integrate with your business. We use business grade equipment which is proven to work time after time and put in redundancy to minimize any problems. Calls can be made not only through a regular phone handset, but also via your computer and tend to be cheaper to install than normal telecommunication systems as the network infrastructure is usually already in place and only needs modification to take the new system.

Various business call packages can be purchased which give inclusive minutes similar to how mobile phone tariffs work, these packages are tailored to your business’ individual requirements and can include local, national, mobile and international minutes.

What we supply


Business grade phones with advanced features, lots of options for extension buttons. Cordless handsets, from a single base station to multiple nested bases across a large site.

Cloud Based PBX Systems

Cloud based PBX systems are perfect for smaller businesses who want the advantages of a VoIP phone system but do not have the infrastructure on site.

Onsite PBX Systems

For larger and more complex systems an onsite phone system makes more sense. We can program systems in nearly any way your business needs, from time conditions which change for holidays to advanced queue management with queue call back functionality.

Call Centre Solutions

If you are a call centre running on an out of date ISDN system your ongoing running costs are probably very high and your reporting is probably limited. We can bring your call centre up to the latest technology. Setup departments so that they receive the correct calls, set queue priorities to give preference to orders over customer service, have web call back functionality, feature rich reporting to see which of your agents are using their time effectively.