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Streamlining Your Business with the Best Connectivity Solutions

We cover the entire range of networking services for business – LAN and physical cabling, wide area networks (WAN), broadband, connectivity, security, and telecoms. We cover all types and sizes of client as well as offering fully outsourced solutions or the option for us to work with your own ICT team.

A single specialist covering all your requirements

Few networking providers are specialists in both information technology (IT) and communications. We can work with you through a whole range of key requirements, from a simple installation of a cable run right through to design, commissioning and support of a structured wide area network, including coverage of your telecoms and mobility needs.

The result is that we can offer you unique simplicity, time-savings, cost economies, and a comprehensive array of exclusive services, all under one roof, making a complicated area as simple to manage as possible.

Our Networking Solutions and Services


Networking within the building

We can offer all cabling and wireless, new hardware, new and upgraded software, phone systems, access security, performance testing, network setup and support, shared access to resources, and managed configuration of user-endpoints such as desktop computers and devices.

Networking outside your building

We provide secure and reliable building-to-building (site-to-site) connectivity, dedicated and shared broadband services.


As experts in IT and communications we supply connectivity, firewalling, and filtering for email spam or Web access, plus security certificates and domain hosting.

Auditing and testing

If you have problems with computing performance, such as Web speed, or drop outs, we can take look at the problem. We can also audit for conformance with networking standards to ensure everything is fit-for-purpose.

Design and consulting

If you’re moving into new buildings, or expanding and have additional premises to connect to, we can ensure that your network, communications and telecoms will be fit for purpose.

Network refurb, new installation or relocation

We can cover all of these scenarios, project managing the movement of your technology and network commissioning, configuration and testing.

Commissioning and implementation

We will ensure that the implementation is completed and fully working within agreed timelines. We have many years of collective experience and expertise to bring to the table.

Event management monitoring

Many networking faults and performance issues give warnings before they happen. We can provide you with remote monitoring and management, to identify and fix problems before they disrupt you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

On-going support

We offer a number of fixed-price options for on-going support for the whole portfolio of networking solutions – hardware, software and virtualisation – remote and onsite – limited or unlimited time – within or outside office hours.

Interested in upgrading your network infrastructure?

To book a meeting with an experienced IT specialist, call us on 01302 638 722.

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