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Security Systems

From project design and installation to 24-7 monitoring, you’re in safe hands

CCTV helps you to protect your equipment. premises and goods by deterring unwanted visitors, detecting intruders and recording activity. It provides constant protection, enabling you to have better peace of mind.

CCTV Benefits

  • Reduced risk of criminal activity
  • Protection for staff and site visitors
  • Time Management of staff
  • Health and Safety. If any incidents happen onsite, footage can be used as evidence

CCTV Optional Features

  • License plate recognition
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Suspicious activity detection
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • Appearance search and tracking
  • COVID-19 facemask and social distancing detection

How We Can Help

Here at Dolphin we would be happy to use our extensive knowledge on CCTV to advise you on the benefits of CCTV and how it can help different busineses due to our experience installing and maintaining them in different sectors.

From enhancing security around warehouses to ensuring the safety and security of the many thousands attending events such as concerts, our quality of security is second to none.

With the use of new and improved camera systems that not only provide alerts, but offer sophisticated analytics which enable the team to identify any suspicious behaviour around their premises.

Interested in CCTV?

To book a meeting with an experienced CCTV specialist, call us on 01302 638 722.

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