Case studies

Client / Tasker Partnership

Fruit farm improves efficiency and profitability by investing in their IT with Dolphin

The Client

Tasker Partnership is a successful soft fruit farm in the UK, based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. The farming business has been ran for the last three generations by the Tasker family since 1995.

Now, Tasker employs over 160 seasonal staff who consistently return every year.

They also supply quality fruit such as raspberries and strawberries to supermarkets and BerryWorld, who are the UK’s leading soft fruit marketing group.

The Challenge

Tasker Partnership had grown substantially and was continuing to expand and needed guidance on how to get out of their old ways and develop a more streamlined process for their products.

The fruit was initially being sent elsewhere to be packed but Tasker wanted the ability to pack on site for a number of reasons. First of all the amount of fruit being produced was starting to overtake the amount that was getting packed, therefore limiting the company from meeting demand and keeping the fruit as fresh due to the transport to the 3rd party packing using up 1 day of the fruits shelf life. In addition to this, Tasker Partnership had the costs of transportation between themselves and the 3rd party packers and the cost of using the 3rd party too.

To begin with, the owner had no prior knowledge to IT systems or the vast benefits one can bring to a business. Tasker were wanting to update their systems to keep up with the times and be able to have a system  in place that would help create them opportunities for their growing business.

The Solution

Dolphin essentially had a blank canvas to go off in terms of putting in place a consolidated and effective approach to IT for Tasker Partnership.

Over the course of a number of discussions with a design and project manager and the owner, key features were identified and planned out, the main one being the new pack house which would be used for cooling, storing and grading the fresh fruit.

Dolphin supplied and installed a new network system, computer server, IP Telephones, Door Access Control and CCTV Systems to provide a centralised management system for the secure storage and sharing of critical business data. In addition, further digital security has been put in place to manage staff access between the different food preparation areas ensuring quality control and accreditation. CCTV cameras have also been installed and a new telephone system is now in operation to improve communication across the business.

At Tasker, we have helped streamline their storage of information, assisted with security and access across the site as well introducing a new phone system and linking up a new product weighing system they have. We designed a system with the future in mind, making sure it was adaptable for further expansion. Dolphin continue to provide IT support and advice to the customer.

The Result

The result of our involvement improved the efficiency and profitability across all areas of the business. The company now has a streamlined approach to manage the site and the processes involved in supplying the fruit to their distributors.

Due to our experience with the customer, it meant they are also now better educated in regards to IT systems and we continue provide IT support for the client and offer expert advice to further expand their knowledge. Now our client is extremely satisfied with our work and can’t imagine ever going back to not having the IT system in place.

For Dolphin this strengthened our knowledge in the factory environment as we look to help more companies introduce digital solutions to improve their performance and productivity.

The Testimonial

“This has been a major investment for our business and we are delighted to have worked with Dolphin ICT to get everything up and running and working to our very high standards. IT is at the heart of what we are doing to improve the efficiency and profitability across all areas of the business as we look to grow and expand our operations as much as we can.”

Jenny Tasker from Tasker Partnership