Email & Spam Protection

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Cloud-based email cybersecurity services tailored to your needs. Protect yourself from unwanted spam with our range of security packages.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving

Today it’s not just about protecting against spam and malware; you need to be ready to defend your business from phishing, spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation attacks and more.

Any organisation can fall victim to a cyber-attack and prevention is always better than cure. Dolphin is a Mimecast partner and as such we can offer you access to comprehensive, adaptable email security services with fully customisable plans and pricing to suit all budgets.

Mimecast provides...

Targeted threat protection from spear-phishing ransomware and other advanced threats.

Data leak prevention and monitoring of information flow.

Secure email gateway to protect against spam, malware and viruses.

Continuity of business communication in case of outages.

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