Cloud Based Telephone: PhoneLine+

Think of it as your current landline, but better

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What is it?

A cloud-based telephone solution. This is system is ideal for the smaller businesses. It allows you to keep your existing landline number, whilst moving your telephony services from your legacy fixed landline, so you can benefit from the advantages of VoIP technology to deliver your calls via your broadband network.

Is it like VoIP?

In short, yes. PhoneLine+ is a more simple, straightforward web solution compared to VoIP. It is more suitable for smaller businesses or businesses who don’t need the more advanced features of a more advanced VoIP phone system, for example, digital receptionist and call queues.

The benefits

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Cost effective

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Manage and receive calls anywhere

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Set out of hours schedules

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Manage multiple numbers

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Call analytics

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Manage from any web enabled device

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Call forwarding

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