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Domain management

A domain name serves as your online identity and is essential for branding and credibility. Proper domain management ensures that your web address stays active, reachable, and secure. Our team assists with domain availability checks, registration, and ensures that all necessary documentation is completed accurately. We take care of the administrative details so that you can establish your online identity effortlessly.

DNS Configuration

This ensures that your website is accessible to users worldwide. At Dolphin we can manage your DNS settings, map domain names to IP addresses, configure MX records for email delivery, and set up other necessary records for optimal performance. We ensure that your domain’s DNS is properly configured and maintained to avoid any disruptions to your online services.

Protecting your domain

Security of your domain is of utmost importance to protect your on-line assets. Our MSP team uses robust measures to protect your domain from security threats such as unauthorised access and domain hijacking. We implement industry-standard protocols, provide SSL certificates for encrypted communication and offer Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to ensure the integrity of your domain infrastructure.

Web hosting

We provide high quality web hosting solutions that are tailor made to your business needs. We offer shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Our goal is to deliver a web hosting environment that exactly meets your on-line objectives, is secure and scalable to fit with your future plans.

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