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Client / Don Valley Engineering

Contact between sites has never been easier

The Client

Don Valley Engineering is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. They are a bulk materials handling company, specialising in materials processing equipment, manufacturing bespoke screens, feeders, centrifuges and more. With 60+ years of experience, the company supplies high performance machinery globally with the ability to build machinery to their individual customer requirements.

Over the last two years Don Valley Engineering Ltd has been re-structuring itself and is now split into four divisions: Engineering, Construction, Maltings and Cleeve Materials Handling Ltd.

The Challenge

Don Valley Engineering initially worked with Dolphin ICT following the catastrophic floods here in Doncaster. The floods took out their entire network including two servers and around thirty computers. One phone call to Dolphin ICT and we were on site immediately to assess and advice on the best and quickest solutions. Furthermore installation then took place over a weekend to reduce disruption to an absolute minimum.

This was the beginning of a great working relationship with the customer, who later on down the line, required a new phone system and additional IT services we were able to provide. The phone system the engineering company was on, was a dated analogue which was unsupported. The result of this was racking up large phone bills for the multiple sites and making communication across sites more complicated than necessary. To call between sites they would have to dial the reception number and wait to be put through to the correct member of the team; this slowed down their productivity and could be frustrating for staff.

The Solution

Don Valley Engineering required a more updated phone system that would save their time and costs and Dolphin knew just how to help with that. We updated their ageing phone system to a  new VoIP system. We did this by implementing a 3CX phone system based in the cloud at the sites.

VoIP systems work by taking the analogue voice signals and converting it into a digital voice signal that is sent via a high speed internet connection. Colleagues from across different sites were all now unified under one communication system. They can forward calls to each other’s mobile phones when they’re out of the office and use an app to call as if they were in the same building as each other; a feature that has been particularly useful for working from home during the pandemic.

The Result

The result of putting in the new phone system for Don Valley Engineering meant that the business cut down on their costs for phone bills immensely. It also meant relationships between staff and clients ran a lot smoother due to being able to get hold of them directly. It also freed up the reception phone from putting through the calls all the time so that more calls from customers could be answered. The impact of the process being straight forward meant information was relayed much more efficiently.

Our client was very happy with our service and we continue to provide Don Valley Engineering with IT support as well as providing other IT solutions such as internet connectivity, network infrastructure, Office 365 and website hosting.

The Testimonial

“We now work closely with Dolphin ICT to maintain and improve our IT requirements. We have always found them to be professional, efficient and willing to adapt to our individual company needs. We have no hesitation in recommending Dolphin ICT to any other Company.”

Les Milton from Don Valley Engineering