Major Events supported by Dolphin

Lincolnshire Showground

The Client

The Lincolnshire Showground is based in of course, Lincolnshire, in the East Midlands, UK. It is owned by the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, a charitable organisation established back in 1869. Its objectives are to educate the county about food, farming and a sustainable environment.

The site is home of the historical Lincolnshire Show and has been an hub to host events for the last 125 years. These events range from meetings, conferences, award shows and even concerts starring legend Lionel Richie and popstars Little Mix.

The Challenge

When we first started working with the Lincolnshire Showground, they had different suppliers for different systems which were overlapping each other. For example, the CCTV ran on its own network and then another supplier was used for the Wi-Fi and another supplier for the IT Support. Due to all the different suppliers being used, communication was long winded and complicated and costs were getting duplicated.

This meant any IT issues took much longer than needed to resolve, making it costly and frustrating for our client. This was also holding Lincolnshire Showground back from being able to thrive in an effective, smooth running environment. They were seeking a unified and cost effective approach but wasn’t sure the best way to go about it.

The Solution

Dolphin first became involved when we won the contract to supply and install a high quality IP CCTV system. We supplied the Lincolnshire Showground with a system that had been specified with perimeter cameras and number plate recognition on the access gates at the showground. We used the very best Avigilon IP cameras teamed up with industry leading VMS from Milestone Systems. These cameras which could be viewed remotely on mobile devices by staff members, system which has improved security on the site.

Gradually Dolphin built up a very strong relationship with the Lincolnshire Showground and over time, were asked to help out in other areas. A few months after installing the CCTV we installed Wi-Fi to the perimeter gates which was followed up a few months more later with replacing the Wi-Fi in the buildings.

Next we did the Audio Visual system. This involved working with a partner to install Wyre Storm IP video distribution at 4K resolution and a new audio distribution system. We also supplied large format screens, amplifiers and speakers to the upstairs meeting rooms. We utilised Control4 as a central control system and since installation, have added lighting control into the Control4 so different lighting scenes can be enabled from the touch of a button.

Our relationship continued to grow  and develop and after expanding their CCTV further, we also started providing IT support for the showground. At a later date we also were contracted to providing a phone system too. Therefore, resulting in the Lincolnshire Showground now having a single, go to supplier.

The Result

We’ve worked with Lincolnshire Showground for a number of years now and continue to provide IT support and assist with any further developments. The site has gone from having a headache when thinking of IT, to thriving with new cutting edge technology systems we have put in place.

The owners of the showground have benefitted from a unification of systems which has resulted in no more duplication of costs and has ensured the smooth running of events from day to day to large concerts.  The high quality CCTV system continues to ensure the safety and security of the many thousands attending the events and the WiFi system ensures occupiers of the site have access to fast WiFi across the venue.

I have found it very helpful to have a single supplier who is able to advise us on all aspects of IT in our operations

“Because of the ease of use the system has been readily adopted by our management team and is now being accessed by events who use the site including the security services at major events like concerts. I have found it very helpful to have a single supplier who is able to advise us on all aspects of the application of IT in our operations to avoid the duplication of costs which has occurred in the past.”

Jayne Southall

Lincolnshire Showground