October 4, 2018

Defeating the distance: IT’s never been easier to stay in touch

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Russell Till
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In his latest blog post, Dolphin ICT’s managing director Russell Till takes a look at how the Doncaster-based IT company is helping to keep companies in touch across multiple sites and despite the distance.

Long distance relationships are hard at the best of times, so imagine being in business while in one.

But now the world is getting smaller and smaller, they say, as communication and infrastructure make it ever easier for colleagues and companies to stay in touch with one another.

For us at Dolphin ICT, that’s very exciting because all of this is possible thanks to the IT solutions now available.

Take a look at our recent work with Don Valley Engineering, a company with two permanent sites and temporary sites on major projects, that needed to keep the communication flowing.

We updated their phone systems, from an analogue set up to a new VoIP system, which means that the business can now handle even the most ambitious long distance relationships.

Colleagues from across different sites are all unified under one communication system now. They can forward calls to each other’s mobile phones when they’re out of the office and use an app to call as if they were in the same building as each other.

And our programming and installing of 38 of these lovely new handsets has actually halved the company’s costs!

It’s a thrill to be part of this movement which is changing the face of business for everybody.

So forget about budget airlines or package holidays, it’s IT that really defeats the distance.