July 1, 2019

Getting to know: Harry Whitehead

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Russell Till
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In this Q&A, we introduce our newest Dolphin recruit, 20-year-old apprentice Harry Whitehead!

Q1. Hi Harry, where are you from?

I live a few miles from Selby near an old market town. I really like living in the countryside as it’s peaceful yet close enough to be able to get everything I need.

Q2. Tell us a bit about your education so far.

I went to Snaith Secondary School and then moved onto Pontefract New College where I studied a BTEC 90 Credit Diploma in IT which is equivalent to three A levels. This was the distinctive point where I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in IT.

Q3. Did you have a favourite subject at school?

Throughout school, my passion has always been IT. For this reason, it was definitely my favourite and strongest subject whilst I was at school.

Q4. Have you worked in IT before?

Although I haven’t had a physical job within the IT industry until now, I had the opportunity to do a few weeks of work at the Press Association at Howden. This was during my time at secondary school as a part of my work experience. It allowed me to shadow the IT help desk department and see how the IT industry works from within a professional business and gave me an opportunity to see if I liked the environment. My apprentice role here at Dolphin is my first job as an IT Technician.

Q5. What made you interested in a career in IT?

My passion for IT has been spurred on since an early age through constant curiosity, building my own hardware and a natural interest for gaming. Although I haven’t had much exposure to the business objectives within an IT department, my natural instinct for solving problems has always made me the go-to “technical person” within my family. IT is something I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in.

Q6. What are you enjoying about your job so far?

I love every part of my job so far! The people I work with are friendly and make the working atmosphere in the office amazing. Since I have started working for Dolphin ICT it makes me want to get up in a morning and come to work as I know I’m going to enjoy my day and learn something new that can expand my skill set each day.

Q7. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

When I was younger, I was lucky to have the eye-opening experience of visiting East Africa, Tanzania.

This gave me the chance of broadening my views and educating my whole mentality of differences in cultures around the world. It gave me a true insight of how lucky we actually are living in a country as great as Britain.

Q8. What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy hanging out and having a drink with my friends, travelling and playing my Xbox.

Q9. What is your favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show has to be a German TV series that features on Netflix called ‘Dark’. It’s a puzzle box drama, with a very interesting and quirky story that keeps you very entertained. If you were to follow this drama piece by piece you would be surprised with how bizarre the ending is and how much it has you craving for more.

Q10. Finally, and most importantly, tea or coffee? Coffee!